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Newborn babies and small children need regular health exams. Our board certified physician is prepared to provide you with the quality of care you desire and need for your loved ones. Put your trust in over 23 years of experience.

Enjoy having the same doctor from birth to young adulthood.

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• Routine checkups

• Wellness exams

• Vaccinations

• Flu shot clinic

• Preschool / grade school physicals

• Sports physicals

Superior patient care:

When your children are young, the doctor may seem like a scary place to visit. Know that we strive to provide a comfortable environment so that they never get nervous. You can always feel free to ask all the questions you want because we want you to relax while you are here too.

Your kids will love coming here

Your infant changes quickly and it is essential that they are checked routinely to ensure everything is growing and forming as it should be. Allow us to take care of your wellness physicals. Able to set up evaluations for ADD, ADHD, Autism, and other mental health to get the care coordination that the child needs.

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